Burgundy Rustic Wedding

This wedding took place at the Moulin d’ Altwies venue located in the south of Luxembourg. The place is a very nice old mill, located next to a small river. The reception room has a nice rustic touch with a high wooden ceiling, old stone walls and rustic details.

We were honoured to help the couple with their wedding, by making their ideas a reality. The main colours chosen for the wedding were Burgundy, green and a bit of pastel pink, all mixed with wooden rustic elements and a lot of lights and lanterns.

You can find pictures of the wedding below:

Venue:Moulin d’ Altwies

Florist: Arte Viva

Design and decoration: The Wedding Ville – The Party Ville

Ceremony officiant: Gilles Soeder

Catering: Paul EIschen

Photographer: Anna Katina

Wedding Planner LuxembourgDSC_0262DSC_0266DSC_0323DSC_0320DSC_0319DSC_0316DSC_0309DSC_0301DSC_0297DSC_0293DSC_0294DSC_0283DSC_0269DSC_0261DSC_0259DSC_0260DSC_0256DSC_0254DSC_0253DSC_0250DSC_0240DSC_0239DSC_0237

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